Hitting the wall

According to my training plan like last sunday I had to complete another 4 hour ride yesterday. I found a nice route on komoot and started riding shortly after 2 o’clock. I didn’t look at the route in detail, because when riding with my mountainbike there’s hardly anything that can stop me. Butwhen I was half way through the route it got dark. So far I was riding through the northern suburbs of Berlin but now I left urban territory. What followed was many kilometres of dark forrest. Normally when I’m riding in the Grunewald that’s no problem, because I know the place. But in an unknown wood in the dark it’s almost frightening. Additionally there was very thick fog yesterday. Although I had a very bright light I couldn’t see any farther as 5 metres. So it came that my heartrate was noticeable higher when I was in the forrest. Actually I rode in the GA2 and tempo zones instead of GA1. Because of that I stressed my body a bit too much. Approximately one hour before the end I hit the wall. I didn’t have enough to eat with me.

When I was at home I didn’t feel very comfortable although I ate something immediatly. I ate two crumble cakes and four pieces of Pizza. I know, that’s not the optimal nutrition after such an effort. I have to stock proper bars, gels and ingredients for recovery shakes again. So I went to bed early, but I couldn’t sleep. It felt like my body has things to do to manage this tremedous effort. When I finally fell to sleep it was very restless. I wasn’t tired in the morning, but I felt still very stressed. My first pedal strokes on my way to work felt terrible. It got a bit better after some metres but it didn’t feeld good. Also my heartrate felt like it raised pretty quick.

Besides the bonk and the dark forrest it was a very nice and rather fun ride.

What I’m learning from this training sessionit is crucial to eat enough during the workout. I suppose hitting the wall doesn’t get me anywhere. Not that I didn’t knew this before but actually experiencing it is quite another thing.

Now I will look into ways to make my own bars, gels and shakes. 🙂

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